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Movie Review: City of Bones - "Sometimes I turn myself down just to keep things interesting"

 It seems that by the time I've finally gotten around watching City of Bones, everyone else had already seen it. So I've heard a lot of mixed reviews, seen a hell of a lot of deceptioned fans, and listened to a tone of angry rants. Naturally, I couldn't help but wonder: "Have they really fucked up another one?". So last night, me and one of my friends (who really loves the books) took a deep breath and basically went for it.

We expected heartbreak. We expected pain. Anger. Angst. The how-could-you-you-monsters kind of feels. All caused by how bad this movie was. The thing is, it really wasn't. Sure, it had its weak points. But, come on, let's be honest, they all have theirs. 

Now, the first thing you have to know about me is that I'm not really a hardcore fan. Yes, I like the books. They're an entertaining read, fast-paced, full of angst and action and feels, with a really, really good cliffhanger, but still, The Mortal Instruments didn't do it for me big time. Why? I don't know, really. I just think the Infernal Devices are so much better, and having read Clockwork Angel first, City of Bones seemed kind of pale in comaparition. But, as I said, I like them, at least the initial trilogy, because this is what I've read so far.

Going back to the movie, I believe what deceptioned the majority was the choice in actors. I myself was a little bit put off by the idea of Jamie playing Jace, but hell, just because I didn't like it, it wasn't going to change, so I rolled with it. If I have to be honest, my biggest problem with the acting crew was Alec being played by Kevin Zegers. The guy's way too old for passing off as a teenager. I wasn't too excited about Jemima West as Isabelle, either, but as far as the age problem goes, at least she looks, I don't know, 22-23? Alec is like a thirty years old dude, masquerading as an almost-legal kid, with a way younger twin sister and a pedophilic obsession with his best friend. Isabelle, on the other hand, while she could probably be seen as a really mature nineteen years old, doesn't have the femme-fatale vibe she has in the books. She's pretty, but not that pretty, if you get what I mean. And it really made me sad, because one of my favorite things about her is how harsh she can be for such a delicate, little thing.

But now, do I have to judge the movie by this things? Don't think so, because in reality, the directors are the ones that should have done a better job at choosing actual teenagers, or at least people that look like teenagers, for the roles. I like Lily Collins as Clary. She really looks like I imagined her, as well as Robert Sheehan as Simon. And I liked the way they acted. Truly, honestly liked it. May I just add that whoever played Valentine did a great job? It was sick how much justice he did to a madman.

A great deal of the movie I couln't really decide if I liked how Jamie acted. In regard to the character, the Jace from the movie is still ironic, but more open and welcoming. Also, I observed, a great deal of Jamie's emotion reflects in his eyes, not on his face. Maybe that's why I was kind of wary at first, as they mostly show him from profile or his eyes are shadowed. Also, I find his accent sexy. Just saying.

Moving on to the plot, there were some changes, yes. They pretty much followed the book until the end and then they adapted the final quarter, I think. While I would have liked to see Valentine's house, I still enjoyed the battle at the Institute. I wasn't particulary fond of the decision of stating that they're not brothers, seeing how I had to wait two books to be sure if it's a ploy or not, but whatever, 90% of the viewers already knew the truth, anyway. Oh, I would have loved to see Simon as a rat. That was my biggest deception, as it's one of my favorite scenes. Also, I loved that they kept some lines from the book, especially Jace's moments.

The fighting scenes were sick. I was expecting to hate them, but were they ever good! I loved, loved, loved them. And that scene with the dog was just so disgusting and awesome until the fridge moment messed it up. Also, do the women in Clary's family get a kick out of beating someone to death with a kitchen appliance? I loved the kissing scene. There was that little hesitation, and then that "Fuck, man, I'm going for it" moment. 

All in all, I really enjoyed it. I can see why the diehard fans won't like it, since there were some major changes, but I, for myself, really think that if you're willing to roll with them you'll end up finding City of Bones not quite bad.

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  1. Nu am vazut inca filmul, de aceea am preferat sa nu citesc parerea ta. Am incercat sa ma mentin cat mai departe de impresiile celor din jur despre el, pentru a fi surprinsa complet cand il vizionez. Stiu insa ca nu a avut asa mari incasari, ca multi au fost dezamagiti, dar o sa imi formez si eu propria opinie in curand, sper..